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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Advertisement - Undercurrent of Digital World

An Advertisement is a paid promotional activity which is done by the individual or the organization to persuade, motivate, inform and aware the consumer about their respective product or the service. Advertisement can be done for a product or even for a service. The motive of an advertisement is clear and directed towards a single goal to increase the market for a particular product or a service. Unlike Public Relations professionals, advertising agencies and professionals can control the outcome of an activity.

As we all know, in the last decade or so, our economy has grown at a rapid pace. More than a million companies are trying their hands on different sectors. In such an environment, where approximately more than 10 companies are dealing with the same product, it becomes difficult to choose for the consumers to tag one product as the perfect match for their requirements. Hence, advertisement plays a major role in communicating with the consumers and persuading them why their product or service is the best for them.
For instance, a company trades in ladies perfumes with other 10 companies. Now it is up to the advertising agency to portray the brand in such a way that the consumers pick their product over the others. It is the responsibility of the ad agency to make the advertisement a visual treat, create a bewitching content keeping in mind the target audience. Ads are very useful in the proliferation of the idea far and wide. It is said that “seeing is believing”, henceforth, it is beneficial to put a lot of thoughts into the making of an advertisement. Although, advertisements are an expensive task so it is better to idealize before execution.

It is quite evident what skills are required to be the seller of these ideas. AAFT, ranked as one of the best advertising schools in Delhi NCR, is offering advertising courses, Brand Communications, PR, and Events. AAFT has been providing industry-relevant courses for almost three decades. AAFT’s School of Advertising facilitates industry-interaction and strong internships to students that help them build a strong portfolio to be industry-ready. The Advertisement as the Performa of evergreen mass medium to connect will be always in the hunt as a sledgehammer. How to become a successful advertiser is what gets fulfilled through AAFT.


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